The Brand

OM’s design mission is to celebrate fashion sustainably. Driven by creativity, passion for design and a love of nature, we bring to life effortless eco-conscious pieces. OM accompanies you where you go, taking care of where you come from.

A clothing brand born in Spain for men and women, that offers quality to you and the planet. Our Vision is to create a better and more sustainable future for everyone. For this reason, the environment, solidarity and style are at the core of everything we do.

Introduction OM
Noa men's black organic cotton t-shirt logo detail


“O” represents our sustainable circular economy strategy, which aims to eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce the use of materials, creating a “loop” of eco-conscious practices.

The O in OM symbolizes our values of quality and transparency. This full circle represents returning to the place where it all began, reflecting how we see fashion as an integral part of a whole in which three different dimensions come together: social, environmental and economic.


OM celebrates the beauty of simplicity and we believe the best garments are made with the best materials. For this reason, we rely on those fabrics that the earth provides us and we consciously keep our designs minimal and versatile, providing high-quality pieces made to last.

At OM we only use 100% sustainable materials. Everything we produce follows the highest standards, both for the planet and workers. We only believe in a responsible production and consumption model. People who make clothes are as important as the people who wear them.

The Brand Collection


Our workshop makes our garments in Spain, with love and dedication down to the last detail.


Marta manufactures our jewelry collection in 925 Sterling Silver in different finishes and by hand. For us, jewelry is not a complement or accessory that changes every season and goes out of style, but a form of expression. For this reason, we prioritize the exclusive design, high-quality materials and the durability of each of our pieces.